Behind the Live Virtual Training Courses

Ram Education have been delivering training courses in live virtual classrooms.

Wondering what it looks like behind the controls of one of our online, live virtual training courses? It’s a bit like the “dalang” (master puppeteer) who performs Indonesian shadow puppet shows.

The challenge, for the dalang, is to engage the audience (for 6 continuous hours or more) while narrating the story, controlling the puppets, mimicking their individual voice-overs, and conducting the accompanying “gamelan” orchestra – with a spare foot!

The challenge, for us, is to engage and build a rapport with each person in the group – as if the technology layer doesn’t exist!

It’s taken a huge amount of practice!! However, student feedback has been encouragingly excellent!

Virtual training will never replace the vibe and networking opportunities you get with traditional face-to-face training. However, it has now become a seriously viable alternative and is here to stay!

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