Seattle Tunnel Megaproject

Dramas while building the world's largest earthquake-proof tunnel! Ram Education team has attended a fascinating presentation on the Seattle tunnel megaproject. Thank you Steve Garfein (Founder & Chairman, RPM Systems Corporation) and the Australian Institute of Project Management AIPM. The tunnel, which replaced the ageing and earthquake-prone Alaskan Way Viaduct, was...

Visiting Murray 2 Power Station

Ram Education team is very excited to visit the Murray 2 Power Station which is part of our Snowy Hydro scheme. The blue line shows how hydro generation kicks in to supplement the base load in times of need. You can see the ASEA generators, which are coupled with Francis...
MCM Energisation Brotherson Dock Port Botany (1000x1280)

Hybrid Anode-based Cathodic Protection System by MCM

Ram Education has recently been working the talented team at Marine & Civil Maintenance Pty Ltd (MCM) who are delivering a Hybrid Anode-based Cathodic Protection System at Brotherson Dock in Port Botany. The system prevents corrosion of the steel reinforcing inside the concrete structure. For those of you who are...
Heliostat Photo1

Heliostat – Built by TILT Industrial Design

Ram Education is proud to be working with Tim Phillips (Design Lead & Owner) and the talented team at TILT Industrial Design, who built the Heliostat at One Central Park - next to UTS in Broadway. What is a Heliostat you may ask? 40 mirrors automatically track and reflect the...
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